anatomy of the human body

Anatomy is the branch of biology in which we study the structures of living organisms.

The term Anatomy is derived from the Greek word anatome.

It is divided into

Cadaveric anatomy, living anatomy, embryology, histology, anthropology, genetics, and many others.

Histology is also known as microscopic anatomy. While the term gross anatomy is used for cadaveric anatomy.

Anatomists and physiologists

Anatomist & a Physiologist Anatomy and physiology are the two main subjects in the medical sciences that are closely related. Although both anatomists and physiologists analysis the type of living organisms, the way the analysis from different perspectives. Anatomists Anatomists are biological and medical scientists who study the structure of living organisms. Mostly anatomists are …

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X rays, history and properties of x rays

X rays The spectrum composing electromagnetic radiation include rays which areGamma raysUV raysInfraredelectric wavesX-rays are a part of this gamma-ray spectrum emitted by the cosmic system. these rays which are used for diagnostic purposes are not emitted by any radio-active material instead they are produced by heating molybdenum and tungsten cathode in a vacuum tube …

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Classification of bones and human skeleton

Classification of bones Bones may be classified by different ways which are 1. Classification of bone by shape2. Developmental classification of bones3. Regional classification of bone4. Structural classification of bones   1. Classification of bones by Shape a. Long Long bones have an elongated shaft and two epiphyses which are smooth and articular.Long bones have 3 typesTypicalMiniatureModified Examples  …

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