microscope and microscopy

The microscope is an instrument which can magnify small objects which in normal condition are not seen with naked eye.

microscopy is the study of structures with the microscope.

there are two main types of microscopy

light microscopy

2. An electron microscopy

light microscopy is done with an ordinary light microscope.

Electron microscopy and electron microscope

Electron microscopy Within the last few decades, many new discoveries in neuro-scientific histology have become possible because of the introduction of the electron microscope (usually abbreviated to EM) and its use in the electron microscopy. This microscope uses an electron beam instead of light; and electromagnetic fields instead of lenses. the Electron Microscope magnifies objects …

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Light Microscope and preparation of tissues

Light Microscope The light microscope is a type of microscope in which visible light is used for illumination. The light source usually used in this type of microscope is an electrical lamp. The optical component of a light microscope consists of three types of glass lenses which areCondenserObjectiveOcular    Condenser function is to gather light and creates …

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