human physiology

physiology is the branch of biology which deals with the organs and system of the body and tries to explain how these systems work.

physiology is different from anatomy because in anatomy we study the structures of the body while in this field we study the mechanism and functions of the body structures.

physiology is divided into various branches,

for example,

viral, bacterial, and human etc.


Anatomists and physiologists

Anatomist & a Physiologist Anatomy and physiology are the two main subjects in the medical sciences that are closely related. Although both anatomists and physiologists analysis the type of living organisms, the way the analysis from different perspectives. Anatomists Anatomists are biological and medical scientists who study the structure of living organisms. Mostly anatomists are …

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Extracellular fluid

Extracellular fluid About 60% of the adult human body consists of fluid mainly water. But this fluid is divided into two categories1. Intracellular fluid2. Extracellular fluid The fluid which is present inside the cell is known as intracellular fluid and this fluid is about two-thirds of the fluid. The fluid which is present outside the cell …

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physiology introduction

Physiology physiology is the branch of science that explains the physical and chemical mechanisms that are responsible for the progression of life. each type of life present on the earth has its own functional characteristics and physiology try to give information that how their structures make them a living being.    It is a very …

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