human thorax

the thorax is the part between the abdomen and neck. it consists of a chest cavity, ribs, and sternum. there are 12 ribs in the human body which are classified into true ribs, false ribs, and floating ribs.

The sternum is a bone to which ribs are attached. sternum has three parts which are


a body of the sternum

xiphoid process

intercostal muscles, nerve, spaces and strain

Intercostal spaces To understand intercostal muscles first we have to know intercostal spaces. Intercostal spaces are spaces between the ribs which contains muscles. These muscles are external intercostal, internal intercostal, and innermost intercostal. The most internal muscle in these muscles is lined internally by the endothoracic fascia which is lined internally by parietal pleura. Blood …

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Sternum its part, development and sternum pain

Sternum Sternum lies in the midline of the anterior chest wall. It is a flat bone and it consists of three parts1. Manubrium2.  Body3.  Xiphoid process   Manubrium  The manubrium is the upper part of the sternum and its articulate with the body through a manubriosternal joint.It also articulates with clavicle and first costal cartilage. Location …

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