What are the Circulatory system facts?

Circulatory system facts are an amazing topic that can make you happy and force you to appreciate the creator of the system.

The circulatory system as a whole as a wonder because of the way it works. It does changes from the micro level to the macro level in the body within no time.

The three main components of the circulatory system are the heart, lungs, and portal vessels.


 some of the circulatory system facts are, 

 1.  Each day 2000 gallons of blood travels through the body to provide oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and remove carbon dioxide from it.

 2.  If we lay all the arteries, capillaries, and veins present in the body from end to end they will cover 60000 miles which are enough to wrap around the earth 2.5 times.

 3. During the whole life of a person, the heart beats around’s 2.5 million times.

 4. RBC move in a single file line to fit the capillaries present in the body.

 5. During the rest condition, the blood requires 6seconds to go from the heart to the lung and returns back via pulmonary circulation.

 6.  Men heart beats at a rate of 70 times per minute.

 7.  Women beat faster than men at a rate of 78 times per minute.

 8. Cornea present in the eyes does not receive a blood supply.

 9.  The heart has its own electrical impulses.

10. If we provide an adequate supply of oxygen to the heart outside the body it can beat.

11. Aristotle and ancient Egyptians believed that the heart is the source of emotion and memory.

12. Red blood cells do not contain nuclei.

13. 5 million red blood cells are present in a tiny droplet of human blood.

14. The heart starts beating in the fourth week after the product of conception.

15. If we put all the veins end to end it covers 60 thousand miles but the fact is that 80% of this length are made by the capillaries which are small in all of the vessels.

16. Some capillaries present in the body forces the blood cells to distort their original shapes to pass through it.

17. Capillaries average diameter is 8 microns which are about a tenth of the diameter of the human hair.

18. Generally, the heart rate is inversely related to body size.

19. Sheep beat at a rate of 75-time per minute.

20. Blue whale beats five-time per minute.

21. Blue whale heart size approximately equals to a compact car.

22. The heart rate of the shrew is 1000 times per minute.

23. For about 1500 hundred year physician followed the theory of Galen which was discarded by the William Henry and describe the blood circulation correctly.

24. Red blood cells have a life span of 120/days.

25. Emotionally stressful events can cause a syndrome which is known as broken heart syndrome. In this syndrome, the heart muscles suddenly become weaken.

26. Dr. Werner invents the cardiac catheterization procedure which he performed on their own body.

27. The blood in the veins look blue but actually, it is not blue. And it looks blue due to a different wavelength of light that penetrates your skin.

28. Mollusks lack hemoglobin.

29. The color of some animal blood is dark blue.
For example
Most mollusks

30. The flow of blood is strictly controlled by various mechanisms.
For example
Feedback mechanisms.
Some arthropods

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